Spirit Of

2nd Timothy 1:7 Spirit Of

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.  2nd Timothy 1:7  NIV


New workers to a large resort complex on a mountain in the Malaysian jungle were given a tour around the buildings.  There were theme parks, casinos, shopping centers, restaurants, and much more.  One could walk through the maze of buildings without going outside.  As their guide showed them around, he pointed out that there were no long straight hallways.  The designers had built everything with the intention that spirits, or ghosts, could not move about easily.  Mirrors were strategically placed at the end of passages and at angles so that they would never be able to sneak up on people.  Do we know what spirit God has provided for us?

We may think science has given us an advantage over previous cultures.  We reduce ghosts, spirits, and all kinds of phenomena to fairy tales.  But the Bible teaches us the opposite.  It teaches that there are good spirits and bad ones all working unseen towards their master´s goals.  The Holy Spirit is offered to us.  God´s Spirit can be poured out on those who will set their hope on Jesus.  He is given to care for us and guide us.  He can come in power to teach us, fill us with the love of Christ, and help us follow Him.  We do not need to know the deeper mysteries of spirits just yet.  But we could pray to be filled with a Spirit that can take care of us forever.  Shall we ask God to put His powerful Spirit in us now?


Dear Lord,

Please send Your Spirit to help us in every situation. Move in power to bring us safely into Your presence forever, we pray!


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