Live Or Die

2nd Timothy 2:11 Live Or Die

Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him, we will also live with him;  2nd Timothy 2:11  NIV


A group of seasoned river guides got together to run a wild river in the mountains of California.  The section they chose was classed as the highest danger level while still being runnable.  It was a series of constant drops through massive boulders.  Early in the day, before their strength and skills were tested, they met their first dangerous rapid.  The danger was, that a huge rock separated the current and formed deadly holes at both sides.  As the first boat lined up and began picking up speed, one of the guides was testing his foothold.  The boat tapped a rock and before he knew it, he had fallen out at the worst possible moment.  His whole life flashed before his eyes as he came face to face with death.  How do we react when we are confronted with whether we live or die?

The Christian also rides on deadly waters in our life here on earth.  There are many rocks and treacherous waves.  Our eternal health is in constant peril.  Our only assurance comes from who we are riding with.  Who accompanies us on our journey is what counts.  If our guide and our companion is Jesus, then we will make it safely through.  If we must fall down, or even have to die, it will not last.  We will still live with our Lord!  Shall we press forward today with Jesus at our side?  Shall we live our lives so closely connected to our Savior, that even death will not separate us from Him?


Dear Lord,

Draw us so near to You that no matter if we live or die, nothing will keep us from being forever with You, we pray!



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