With Him

2nd Timothy 2:12 With Him

if we endure, we will also reign with him. If we disown him, he will also disown us;  2nd Timothy 2:12  NIV


In an isolated ranch in Africa, a lion cub grew up around people.  He would play at with you on the lawn.  But as he grew into an adult lion, he had to leave the house and move to a fenced in area out back.  At night his roars would sound through the African night and reverberate right through to your bones.  Over the years his natural instincts began to take over. It was hard to picture him as the playful cat that used to lay belly up at your feet.  One night he jumped the fence.  He began slaughtering the cattle that were brought in for the night.  When the rancher went to put a stop to the senseless killing, the lion charged him.  He was forced to put him down with a bullet.  What difference is there with us?

The mark of a Christian is not just in a name.  It is not in the standards that the church has set.  It is whether or not we remain by the Savior´s side.  What counts, is how well we have maintained and sought an intimate relationship with Him.  We could sing songs all day and night to God, but if our hearts are far from Him, if we do not keep that familiar interaction of personalities, we will lose our closeness.  If we endure, we will be with God always.  If we let our walk with the Lord grow cold or distant, how will He be able to recognize us as His on the day it matters the most?  Shall we work on our walk with Him right now?


Dear Lord,

Never let us forget You!  Let us seek the kind of closeness of Spirit and heart that will keep us with You forever, we pray!


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