Must Not Quarrel

2nd Timothy 2:24 Must Not Quarrel

And the Lord’s servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.  2nd Timothy 2:24  NIV


They were brothers.  “It is normal for brothers to quarrel,” people said.  But it began to happen more and more.  There always seemed to be something wrong with what the other one said or did.  Whatever one said, the other took it as a direct personal offense.  Some days were one argument after another. Each accusation brought a heated response.  Their parents could not figure out how to change this downward spiral and this negative air between them.  They just wanted to put love and kindness back into their hearts.  Could we ever need more of God´s love too?

There are problems in the nations where we live today.  Those who govern have their own personal agendas and forget why they should be in politics in the first place.  Our bosses, teachers, people we do business with, and even the people in our church can often forget to be considerate with us.  Our tendency will be to let them hear about it and fight for our rights.  The opinions of others are sure to differ from ours.  We may feel we must stand up to them.  We can become resentful and bitter.  But if we want to walk with the Lord, then a different nature can be ours.  We can be filled with the Love of God.  We can rise above quarreling and strife.  Who could do with a little more of Christ´s love in our hearts today?


Dear Lord,

Give us a different Spirit than the one of strife.  Fill us with Your Spirit until we are overflowing with Your love, we pray!


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