The Last Days

2nd Timothy 3:2 The Last Days

People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,  2nd Timothy 3:2  NIV


He had not been helping much around the house.  This high school student was too busy trying to prove his own independence.  He came and went as he pleased.  One day, his father caught him and reminded the boy that he was still living under his parent´s roof.  He brought to the youth´s attention the fact that his parents were still paying for his food, his clothes, and his whole existence.  But the boy did not want to hear it.  He jumped on the motorbike that his dad let him use and stormed off in rage.  How are we behaving in the times in which we live?  Do we care to know?

The teenager cooled down quickly when the bike´s wheels began to slide on the pavement in one of the curves.  He realized that he would not be living much longer with his parents.  They were right, he should help out.  We would do well to listen to our Heavenly Father.  He has been trying to let us know that our time is short too.  But instead, we have grown to love money and ourselves.  We are proud and ungrateful.  We are in danger of forgetting what holy means and that it is what we should strive for.  Could we stand to humble ourselves too?  Could we let God´s Spirit open our hearts to the fact that times are about to change?  Shall we repair our relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ while we still can?


Dear Lord,

Stop us in our tracks!  Turn us from the selfish and rebellious attitude of our times.  Bring us back to You, we pray!


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