2nd Timothy 3:12 Persecuted

In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,  2nd Timothy 3:12  NIV


The little girl was innocent and maybe a little naive.  Her parents had taught her to be a good and caring person.  So she was kind, sweet, and always did what the teacher asked.  The more boisterous children took her peaceful nature as a weakness.  They teased her and joked about her because she was not like them.  She found herself persecuted in many little ways each day.  Have we found that the qualities that we seek to have in our hearts in Jesus Christ, place us in a situation where we may be persecuted too?

The Bible makes no effort to hide the fact that the world will not understand the true Christian.  The world is heading a different direction.  Its values are not centered on God but on us.  Those who belong to the world will seek to gratify their own desires, their own gain, and to lift themselves up.  Anyone who bows out of their game will always be different.  We will be persecuted.  If we seek a humble, selfless nature, the world will surely attack us.  Our Savior felt the world´s disdain before us.  Jesus felt all our painful abuse.  But because He loves us, He endured it.  He has an unimaginable reward for the quiet, peaceful and caring children who choose Him and His ways.  Could we pray that we will endure even being persecuted for the chance to be with Him forever?


Dear Lord,

Increase in us the desire to live lives worthy of the Love You have shown us.  Just let Your love flow through us whatever the price we will have to pay, we pray!



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