All Scripture

2nd Timothy 3:16 All Scriptures

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,  2nd Timothy 3:16  NIV


Two friends were once discussing the Bible.  One of them made the statement that the Ten Commandments were actually the rule and authority long before Moses was ever born and still are today.  The surprised friend went on to hear how the commandments have always existed and by them, we will be reckoned one day.  The concept, however, placed little need and importance upon our Savior, God´s Son.  It brought on a lengthening debate over legalistic obligations and stole precious moments where souls might have been humbled and brought to seek salvation in Christ.  How much of the Scripture do we use to bring us before God?

We do not have to wrap our faith in a few texts and let them overshadow the rest.  We do not have to argue with others until they see our reasoning.  There is an amazing God just beyond our imaginings.  He is breathing His words of instruction to us.  He uses prophets, the Scriptures, and His Son.  He moves through the power of the Holy Spirit to grow us in righteousness and in our pursuit of Him.  All the God-breathed words can draw us nearer to Him in Spirit.  Shall we pray that we are never left with a rule, but rather coming to know the Lord our God in personal experience?


Dear Lord,

Let all Scripture give us more than just commands!  Let every word bring us before You and help us know You more intimately.  Let us learn to find You in all we can, we pray!


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