Fighting to Finish

2nd Timothy 4-7 Fighting to Finish

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  2nd Timothy 4:7  NIV


Schools came together to compete in an athletic event.  In the confusion, one small boy did not hear the call for his age group.  By the time his parents got him to the starting line, the event organizers were preparing to begin the next race for an elder group.  Seeing the look of disappointment on the child´s face, they agreed to let him run with them.  The gun sounded.  He tore off in the mass of taller kids.  He was determined and his little legs were flying.  He somehow managed to stay toward the front of the pack.  By the last hundred meters, the fastest runners were way in front of him.  He finished well.  But for him, he had won.  How are we fighting to finish well in the most important race of our lives?

Jesus told us that He is preparing a place for us with Him in the presence of God. (John 14:2)  This will be our reward.  It may not be an easy race we run.  There are many obstacles.  We may feel that the competition is stacked against us.  But like the little guy who kept his eye on the finish line and gave it all he had, we too can keep our focus.  We can give all we have got to the very end.  Shall we pray that we keep our goal of ending up by Jesus side?  Shall we pray for the Lord´s help in fighting hard to stay right with Him now, so that when we finish, we will stand to win our Prize?


Dear Lord,

There is so much to distract us.  But please help us make this goal of running to You our priority.  Help us fight the good fight until we win our place with You forever, we pray!


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