Hope of Eternal Life

Titus 1-2 Hope of Eternal Life

a faith and knowledge resting on the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time,  Titus 1:2  NIV


While away studying at university, a man´s mother was killed in a car accident.  He left his studies for a year and went home to help his father deal with their loss and with the farm.  His family belonged to a church.  They believed strongly in Heaven.  They believed that the risen Savior would come again.  They believed that all who have placed their hope in Jesus Christ will be gathered unto Him in glory.  We will be taken to a place where there will be no more tears.  We will live in the presence of God.  All our loved ones who died in faith will gather there.  The man still holds this faith today.  Do we know what a help it is to hope in Eternal life?

Many people today throw a lot of accusations at the Bible.  They are right.  The Bible would seem to a non-believer to be impossible.  There are so many fantastic and incredible things written of there.  But this is also the wonder and the healing that the Scriptures hold.  Even just to consider the hope that a humble believer holds in eternal life is something so beautiful, so powerful, and so helpful for those who are struggling in life.  Who would not want to believe that the God who loves them is coming soon to wipe away our every tear?  Who would not want the Lord to take us in His arms and to a place where we can live with Him forever?


Dear Lord,

Give us hope!  Let us thrill at the thought of a life eternal, discovering more each day of Your wonder and love, we pray!


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