Subject to Masters

Titus 2:9 Subject to Masters

Teach slaves to be subject to their masters in everything, to try to please them, not to talk back to them,  Titus 2:9  NIV


He was an acrobat back in his day.  He came to the theme park in Europe when he was young and agile.  Now he was aging.  But he was still ready and eager to do anything his employers called on him to do.  His ready smile, his cheerful attitude, and his willingness to jump straight to the task made him a pleasure to work with.  So his bosses kept him on year after year.  He did not earn much.  But as soon as the season started, so did he.  His wife and family remained in his homeland, but the man was happy that he could send them home the money each month.  Is being a good subject to our masters something that we could be forgetting now?

We do not live in a day and an age where serving is highly looked upon.  We may wish that those who wait on us do it well, but is it something that we strive to be good at too?  When we come to know the Son of God, we have the best example to follow.  Christ left His place at the right hand of God to come to us and do for us what we could not do on our own.  He gave His very life for us so that we would not have to remain far from the Father forever.  We could learn much from our Lord today.  Who will see it in their hearts today, to go out of their way to seek Jesus and to have His Spirit in us?  Who of us would like to resemble our Example now?


Dear Lord,

Give us a humble and eager desire to serve the needs of our race today.  Let us learn from You to serve others, we pray!


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