Rebirth and Renewal

Titus 3:5 Rebirth and Renewal

he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,  Titus 3:5  NIV


A father once took his children backpacking high up in the mountains at the line where the trees stopped growing.  There were still patches of snow around and even a little ice floating on the lake.  But the weather was pleasant so they decided to have a swim.  Dad went first.  His eyes instantly went wide and he hurried to get back out.  Then his children leaped off a rock.  When they hit the water, the freezing cold took the air from their chest and left them feeling as if they could not breathe.  They quite nearly walked on water to get out of the lake and safely back on dry land.  When they did, they felt strangely warm and completely refreshed.  Have we undergone a renewal or a rebirth experience in Christ?

When a person actually does come into an awareness of the nearness and the utter joy of meeting Jesus, it can bring a similar rebirth.  There is a moment when the sky is peeled back and we come face to face with the Lord.  It is a moment that can take our breath away and change us forever.  From the moment we have actually encountered God, we can wake up to a renewed life.  That life will be for us, a continual quest for finding more of Him and enhancing our awareness.  We will want His heart in us.  We will need to be with Him.  Shall we take a leap of faith today?


Dear Lord,

Let us take a plunge into You today!  Take our breath away. Leave us forever changed by our realization of You, we pray!


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