Refreshed in Christ

Philemon 1:20 Refreshed in Christ

I do wish, brother, that I may have some benefit from you in the Lord; refresh my heart in Christ.  Philemon 1:20  NIV


The hot African sun beat down on them as a small group of children and their fathers walked through the forest.  But that Saturday, they had not taken any water.  Their throats were dry and the children began to complain.  Miles from the house, they started picking Mopani tree leaves as the natives do, and sucking on them for moisture.  It helped, but they needed more.  Finally, they arrived at a watering hole.  The water was green and stagnant.  They had to use their cloth hats to filter the water.  But they instantly felt better.  They were doubly refreshed when they jumped in to swim.  Have our spirits ever been refreshed in Christ?

Although we do not often see it this way, our world is not just a physical place where what we see is all there is.  Just like the sensation of dire thirst, our hearts need to be refreshed often by the Spirit from which they were made.  Unbelievers are dying for a drink of the Living Water even when they do not understand what their souls are crying out for.  Some of us though, have tasted the spiritual water that only Jesus can provide.  It is this well that brings true refreshment.  Sipping from the cup of Christ can satisfy our heart´s thirst in this life.  Could we do with a taste of our God today?  Could we ask to be refreshed deep in our hearts in Christ?


Dear Lord,

Let us thirst for You!  Let our need to drink from the Living Water drive us hard in our pursuit of You!  Then, reward us with the refreshment that only our Savior can bring, we pray!



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