The Same Jesus

Hebrews 13:8 The Same Jesus

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 NIV


Tiny hands clasp together. On bended knee, the small children knelt. It was bedtime. Just like they had been taught, every night, they would speak with their friend, their helper, their Savior. To them, Jesus was a dearly beloved member of their family. Maybe they had never seen Him face to face, but they had felt His presence. They had spoken with Him each day. They started their meals by thanking their God and their Redeemer. They gathered with family and friends each weekend to sing songs, listen to stories, and learn of Him. Whenever there was something difficult to deal with, they turned to Him to pour out their fears. Some of those children have grown up by now, but do we think that they can still have the same friend that they had in Jesus still today?

There are probably more influences nowadays that would like to steal Jesus away from us. Christ Himself told us that it would be so. He wanted us to know that our troubling darkness will do anything to get in between us and our Lord. We do not have to let that happen. We can resist. The same Jesus that our hearts went out to before, the same Jesus that came out of love to gently guide us safely back to our Father is alive and calling. The same Jesus that took the hatred and the blows for us still holds out His hand. If we look into His eyes despite the waves and the dark waters, He can and will hold us up. If we feel that He has left us, we are mistaken. It is us who forget to turn to Him. Where will we look today?


Dear Father in Heaven,

Give us today what You have always wanted us to have. Let the One Who is one with You be in us and with us now. Give us our Savior to walk with each day forever, we pray!


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