1st Peter 1:13 Self-Controlled

Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1st Peter 1:13 NIV


Their boat finally made it to land. They had been at sea for weeks. Their food rations had not been enough to keep them going. But God had looked after them by giving them a catch of fish now and again. Now here they were, thin and hungry. Kind people took them in. They wanted to hear their story and to feed the unnourished survivors. All kinds of food were spread out for them to eat. After a diet of freeze-dried soups and pasta and the fish, any food looked appealing to them. The hungry seamen gratefully dug in with a passion. In fact, they ate with too much anxious relish! They stuffed themselves with enormous amounts of food, gulping it down as if someone would come along and take their plate away from them. How well do we prepare our minds to be self-controlled and set our hopes on grace?

Perhaps many years back they used to teach churchgoers to cultivate their minds. Perhaps back then, every Christian knew that they needed to get their self under control. Like these men in from the sea had to learn how to eat without anxiety, we all might need to learn to actively focus ourselves on the grace to be given unto us when Christ will finally be revealed. This will mean that regardless of the beautiful spread that the world puts before us, we must set our hope not just on tasting it all, but rather on our walk with the Savior. Shall we pray that we will learn self-control that sets us fully into a hope of knowing Jesus and obtaining the grace of God?


Dear Lord,

Let our hunger be a hunger for You! Let us learn to control self until our hope in You is all that consumes us, we pray!



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