2nd Peter 3:7 Ungodly

By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men. 2nd Peter 3:7 NIV


The driver of a tiny pickup stopped at a four-way stop sign. He and his two passengers were uncomfortably crammed into the bench seat. Another car stopped at the intersection at the same time. This other car needed to give way to the small pickup by law. But instead, the pickup driver motioned that the other car could go first. The other driver recognized the thoughtful gesture but decided to respect the right-of-way norms and let the little pickup go first. The driver in the little truck shook his head though. He wanted to be nice. So, he gestured again to let the other go. There was an awkward pause as the other driver politely offered back the right-of-way. In the end, the driver of the little pickup had to shake his finger in a “No, no,” signal and then point directly at the other driver and motion him forward by pointing the direction for him to go. It finally worked. What does it mean to us to be godly or not?

As the two cars parted ways everyone involved was smiling at the humorous interchange. But kindness had been shown and even more importantly a connection had been made. God is the God of Love. People who walk near Him will surely radiate that love as it fills them and flows over to all those around them. If no love or no kindness fills the heart of any one of us, it is because there is too little real contact with God. Ungodly people are ones who hold the Lord at a distance and take the right-of-way for themselves. Shall we let the Lord fill us with His love until we are no longer ungodly?


Dear Lord,

Come near, draw us closer still. Fill our lives with such love that others are blessed because You are with us, we pray!


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