Born of God

1st John 3:9 Born of God

No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God. 1st John 3:9 NIV


The little guy was walking around his garden one day with some friends. They passed by where the gardener had the vegetables planted. The boy saw a chili pepper plant. He went over to it. His friends warned him not to touch it, but because it was not his to touch. But the peppers were so red and bright, they had a waxy glaze to them. He could not resist. He picked one and showed it to his friends. He lifted it to his lips. He bit off a small piece. “Ahh!” He howled, as he spat it out! Immediately, his lips began to turn a bright red color too. In pain and tears, he tried rubbing the burning sensation from his face. It was no use. The oils on his hands only spread the burning hot patches that were growing on his face. Have we ever been guilty of grabbing for forbidden fruit too?

The child ran to the house and his parents quickly took him in to wash away the pain ease the burning. The boy learned a lesson about doing what was right. We too have a very important lesson we should be learning. We can choose to listen to good advice. This advice is to seek the Lord our God. It is to put our trust in His Son who was sent to us to become our Way to return. When we put our hope in Christ, we become something new. We are born into a new Spirit. We are born of the Spirit of God. That birth makes us children not of our old world, but of a new Kingdom. If we make sure our eyes remain on Him, our future is sure and we can grow up to enjoy the presence of the Lord forever! Shall we?


Dear Lord,

Once, we looked to every other enticing thing. Now we want our eyes and our hearts to seek You. Help us, we pray!


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