The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 21:24

There is a problem with being human. We tend to think the thoughts of humans and choose to see only the things humans see. This, we cannot do when it comes to things that deal with God, eternity, and our Savior Jesus Christ. For those things, we must rely on the Holy Spirit. God in Heaven has promised to send us His Spirit to take us by the hand and lead us through the pitfalls that would stand in the way of our coming to know Him. Jesus, who died to save us, assured us that this Great Guide would be closer to us than our own skin. He is to live in us, move inside of us, and walk us in the steps that will bring us surely to the Lord. We who live in these treacherous times will need that Spirit. Our lives depend upon it. He will open our eyes to see where God is moving. Shall we seek to hear His still sweet voice now with an urgency that will allow Him to speak to us?


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