Love Like God Loves

Love Like God

When we are able to care about others regardless of how it affects us, we reflect the love of God above. When we step out of our routines, drop what we are doing, and stoop down to help someone else, it is the Love of Jesus flowing right through us. When we let the concerns of someone who is hurting touch us and move us to compassion, then it is the great heart of the Holy Spirit that is able to reach out and ease their suffering in some way. So let us pray that the love of God may fill and stretch our hearts and make them ready to leap at the chances we will get to pass on the Lord´s love to every one of His children who will need it today!


One thought on “Love Like God Loves

  1. This is so interesting!

    Just a little while ago the manager of the motel we are staying at called me over to help a neighbor of ours who needed help with the network. As I helped him I noticed just how poor our neighbor is; which I did not know before. In the course of our interaction he mentioned that his next project was to save up for a winter coat.

    Now having been homeless we know just how important it is to have proper winter clothing. When I returned to our room and I shared this with my family we all agreed to by this man a winter coat. Although we do not have much we know our Father provides so off we went to Costco. They had a wonderful selection and we bought our neighbor a jacket. We are ecstatic that we can help him. When we got back my wife and I read your post confirming the lead of God.

    Our neighbor is a taxi driver and out for the night so we won’t be able to give him the jacket until tomorrow be we are all looking forward to it. We love it when Jesus works through us to show His love to others. As missionaries the testimony they read from our lives is far more important than what they hear from our lips.

    Thank you for posting this. We are overjoyed to read it.

    Homer Les


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