The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 22:30

It is impossible for humans to imagine just what the Heavenly Realm will be like. Our reality may or may not be similar. We just do not have the spiritual awareness that would help us to visualize or to grasp. None of this needs to be seen as a bad thing. Rather, it should spur us on in faith. It should lift our spirits in hope in the promises of God. Our Lord has encouraged us to believe that what He has prepared for us will be far better than anything we can dream up. Someone might tell us that having a child in this world is the most rewarding thing we can do, but until we actually hold our precious baby in our arms we will not know just how the heart can stretch in love for the tiny gift from God. So shall our natures be stretched one day, when we are taken by the hand and led into the promised land! Until then, let the anticipation grow!


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