The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 22:32

Many people only take God seriously when they are confronted with a death in the family. It does make us think of where we stand in the face of eternity and how feeble our grasp on this life really is. But to limit the Lord or to hold Him out of our thoughts in any way, is to commit a crime against our souls. There is something deep within each of us that cries out for the Lord. Our hearts know that approaching God and coming into His presence, is our highest reward. We must fight the urge to limit God to cold rules, empty rituals or mere philosophical concepts. We must wake up to the realization that the Lord is near and that We can, and should walk with Him in the here and now. Anything less is to hold notions of the Living God that are simply untrue and rob ourselves of the experience of a lifetime! Let us take our faith into the land of the living.  Let´s seek to have a vibrant relationship with our God who holds the keys to life and death for all eternity!


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