The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:30

The Son of God says there will be two different reactions to His return. Some people will rejoice to see Him. They will receive their reward for loving Him and seeking to be His while they walked on the face of the earth. Others will mourn. They will see Christ coming on the clouds with power and great glory. But there will be no rejoicing from them. On that day, they will realize that they spent their time on earth poorly. They looked to themselves. They reveled in the things of this life. They did not set their hearts on the things of God. Our greatest test today and every day will be in what kind of person will we be. Will we live today for ourselves? Will we let our attention be drawn to all the millions of distractions of this world? Or, will we scan our hearts to find the love of Jesus there? Will we search each horizon for the signs that will tell us that the One we love in on His way? Pray that we will be among those who will rejoice to see our Lord coming on the clouds of glory!


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