The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:32

Summer is coming. It may not feel like it now while we feel the sting of colder winds. But the truth is that time is marching by and summer is getting closer. It is the same with the coming of the Lord. God promised us. Christ encouraged us. We may tend to see it as so far off that we do not need to live today with much expectation. However, this is not what Jesus would have us do. We can steel our hearts against the feeling of distance. We are intended to celebrate each predicting evidence that Christ´s Kingdom is approaching. When we hear of the deterioration of the moral state of the world and all the calamities that are happening all around, we should recognize that the day is surely coming. Just like summer will arrive, our Savior will too! Be it sooner or later, let us prepare ourselves now. Let us expect Him, look for Him, and make the most out of His friendship which will sustain us through it all!


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