Moved to Seek

Moved to Seek

Pray that our hopes of knowing God are moving us effectively enough to search for Him!

If anyone really wants to get to know another person, they will have to spend the time it takes and concern themselves with learning about the other. They will need to proceed past whatever they have heard of this person and find out for themselves all the intricacies of the new person´s character. They will need to establish a bond and a trust that comes with experiences shared and genuine concern. This manner of coming to know another human is similar to coming to know the Son of God. We will need to take the same steps. Far too many Christians today talk as if they are experts on God, but their theology and their cold words demonstrate that their love affair is lacking its personal contact. Pray that this does not happen to us! Pray that we are moved sufficiently by what we have experienced of the Lord to go the distance and walk intimately with Christ!


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