When God Is Not Felt

When God Is Not Felt

There come times in any believer´s life where that safe and secure feeling that God is near may seem to have disappeared. Sometimes it is because we have deliberately chosen to turn away from Him. At other times we may have gotten side-tracked or distracted with some other element of our lives. There may even come times when we think we are still following Christ and seeking out our time to be with Him, but somehow His direct presence is withheld from us and that closeness is lost. Although we should be quick and alert to recognize these times of distance between us and our Lord, these seasons are important points in all believer´s lives. It can be frightening to realize that no matter how close we felt before, there comes this silence and lonely sensation. Our response to them is critical. We should drop down to our knees immediately. We should seek our Savior in complete and painful honestly until our relationship is firmly established. Our bond will grow through the correct response. Christ depicted Himself as a shepherd leaving the fold to urgently seek out the one sheep that got separated from Him. What are we going to do if we realize today that we are not right by His side? Shall we pray that we are moved to instantly seek out and find Him too?


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