God Can Work in Us

God Can Work in Us

Have we ever said we wanted to grow closer to God but for all our frantic efforts, we just haven´t seemed to break into His presence? Sometimes even our religious peers or leaders send us off with a long list of things to do or try. But, if we really want to see the Lord at work in our hearts and in our lives, there is something that really works. Let´s set aside our formulas, our lists of actions, get down on our knees, and get serious. Let´s stop merely praying for results and start praying to actually communicate with God. Let us begin to approach the Lord for who He is not for what He can do for us. Let us learn what it means to adore God. Let us learn to pray like God is here. Let us turn up the heat and seek God as if it is the only thing our hearts will let us do! When we do, God will be right with us. This is where He has been waiting for us to take our search to the next level!


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