Don´t Go Without

1220 CQ Don´t Go Without

One thing that we need to learn as early as possible is that we are not the makers of our destiny. It is true that we have choices, but life is not ours to take up or save on our own. This is a good thing because our salvation is found in the God of Love. We do not need to, nor can we climb our way into heaven or eternal life. These are gifts from the Giver of all things. And God is the greatest Giver. It pleases Him to give. The best Gift He ever gave us is His Son as our Savior. Those who follow Him have all they will ever need for this life and the next! We will not need to be able to dispute the more complicated doctrines or Scriptures. We will need to develop faith. But faith is also a gift. Find the Gift, Jesus Christ, and we will find in Him a well of faith that will never run dry! Learn to seek our Savior and we will be following hard after Him! Walk with our dear Lord as if we truly want to be with Him and He will see to that we have all the faith we need!


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