See Someone´s Need

It happens every day. Someone outside a store asks us for some change or a raggedy vagrant holds out their palms towards us for some help. Our reaction immediately questions why they prefer to beg instead of finding a job. We don´t want to encourage their obvious lack of concern for their own welfare. So we pass by trying to forget the money we have stashed away. Or perhaps a co-worker who is often grumpy or rude may be in a bit of a bind. We may notice but secretly hope they learn to be nicer so that someone will want to be nice to them. Whatever the case, we don´t know what God is working on in their lives or may not see that there is a lesson from Him to us in these uncomfortable moments. What we do know is that God sees them and is more concerned with where our hearts are in these moments than in our finer moments of generosity. So, just in case God placed the awareness of the other person´s need before us, let´s do something kind today. And let´s pray that our eyes are opened to see even more opportunities to be like Christ and help those around us!


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