Proof of Christianity

Skeptics have a field day with the bold declarations of so many who profess Christianity. It is often thought to be proven by clever argument or by clean living. But our enemies know that we are human. So, with only a little observation of the claimer´s life or enough conversing, it is normally quite simple to show that the Christian holds few cards. But, when a person has stood breathlessly before the cross of Jesus, when a soul has found its Savior, there is a love overflowing from that heart. It is this devotion, this growing relationship between the believer and the One who holds our hearts that stands above argument. There can be no love where there is no awareness. There cannot be humble honesty until there has been a real encounter. This is why every would-be-Christian should learn to seek the Lord. This is why we should run to our knees always. Instead of standing up to state our belief, let us run to Christ with our hearts in our out-stretched hands today!


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