If We Are Thankful

There are so many miracles that God performs for us each day that we never really praise Him for. If we wake up in the morning with a beat of the heart in our chest, if we still have a breath of air in our lungs, we have cause to praise and thank Him. The birth of a child is a miracle worth giving the Lord credit for. When we recover from an illness or return safely from a trip in any kind of transport, we could be grateful for the part the Savior played in it. These are the larger miracles and they often go without our praise and worship. But there are smaller ones too. A smile on the face of a stranger, a kind word, or a helping hand that was not expected, are also beautiful displays of the work of the Holy Spirit. In everything, we should give thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father. Blessed are the souls who look for God´s presence and His helping hand in our day! Blessed even more are those who are drawn nearer to Him through them and who seek to let these miracles flow through them and out to God´s children everywhere!


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