Find Hope In The Call

Our world is heading in directions that seem hopeless. Global warming, political mistrust, the increasing reduction of morality, all pick up steam and head us steadily towards chaos. Our future does not look so positive when we stop to ponder the trends or the issues that we and our planet face. To heap tragedy on top of disaster, we have other issues greater than what our leaders care to fix. There is global warming, pollution, the green-house effect, and the stubborn use of lucrative natural resources. Even society would do us in and change our world to a race for personal gain and extract from us our age-old love for others besides ourselves. Not even family our loved ones are sacred anymore and hope in God falls under sharp attack. Amid all of these deadly obstacles stands the person who would look up to God. Some people still hear a faint cry inside of their souls. Some people hear the call of Jesus and sense a need for a Savior. If this happens to us, then we will bring ourselves into judgment and in danger of attack from all of these threats. But because we do hear, and we do feel it, that call becomes our hope. We will never have to give in to the threats. Ultimate disaster cannot end us because the One who cannot be harmed by them is the One who is drawing us to Him. Put our hands in His and we stand with the eternal One! Rather than focusing on the threats today, let´s focus on hearing! 


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