Headed For

Time rolls on day by day and our futures loom into the present realities. One might look around and wonder where this is all going. Countries that we thought were stable and societies that we have come to count on are falling apart before our eyes. Life as we once knew it seems to be vanishing and no amount of experts can tell us what the outcome will be. The Christian steps into this scene of confusion with the same assessment but with a different spirit. The person who has come to put their faith in Christ has not invested all of their hopes into having an easy and privileged life in this age. They heard of an Eternal God and have bought into their heritage with Him. Not many people are willing to wait these days to see their dreams of contentment fulfilled. But the men and women of God choose each day to chase after a spot at the King´s table instead of eating their feast alone right now. Yes, our world is heading for trying times, but those who hope in the Lord will have a Mighty Savior to walk with them through it all! Let´s choose to make the most of our day and seek Christ in our lives. That Way we will not have to focus on the state of our world or Society. We can have the privilege of looking at the One we love and begin to enjoy our future with Him!


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