Who Overcomes

He who overcomes, I will give him these things. I will be his God, and he will be my son.  Revelation 21:7  WEB

In a lonely desert, a father stopped the car. A mountain of sand towered above them. The traveling family got out and started walking up the face of the dune. It got steeper and they had to stop to breathe. Down below them, the car seemed far away. The summit seemed unreachable from here. But, the father was determined. He urged his wife and two boys on. They kept climbing. At times they could only make a few steps before pausing to catch their breath. Finally, they made it to the ridge that ran along the top of the winding dune. The view was spectacular from up there! Can we imagine a fraction of what wonders we will find if we can make it to the feet of our Father in Heaven?

The God of All Things has promised Himself to all those who make it through this life of distractions, struggles, and disbelief, and comes unto Him. These people who set their hope in knowing God over all else will surely be rewarded more than we can fathom. There is no other joy, no other goal, and no other reward that can compare to that which the children of God will receive when their journey is complete. When we are ushered into the presence of the Divine, He will recognize us as His faithful few who would stop at nothing to be with Him. He will be ours forever and we will be His! Let us set our goal at the highest possible outcome and meet up there at our Father´s feet! We won´t be disappointed!

Dear Lord,

The world would deceive or distract us from our goal. But, please help us and guide us surely unto You. Let us persevere in our pursuit of You and never give up until we are with You forever, we pray!



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