Pure Gold

The twelve gates were twelve pearls. Each one of the gates was made of one pearl. The street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.  Revelation 21:  WEB

In a quaint little store in the gold country of California, a family listened carefully to a young man dressed as a miner. He handed the kids pans to fill with sand and showed them how to shake the pan and water to find the gold. As the guide spoke he sifted the sand until a small flake of gold shone brighter than the rest of the grains of sand left in the pan. It looked so easy. He left the family to pan for gold in some troughs outside of the store. But, after considerable time with little or no success in finding more gold, the family gave up the hunt for the beautiful shining treasure. Have we ever searched for something of value?

The description of God´s Holy City in Revelation is hard to picture. One thing that we can gain from it, is that it is a highly organized and breathtakingly beautiful place. Heaven is where God is. It is priceless beyond our imagination. It is worth seeing. Everything that has to do with God is a treasure worth our time and effort spent in being a part of. If we gain nothing else from what we learn of God´s treasures He holds as a reward for those who seek Him, we could at least feel the fever. Something deep inside of us can burn with the desire to have even a small piece of Him in us. This speck of gold fever can drive us into a search for more of the Lord. If we can grow our treasure, each tiny piece of God that we can experience, then one day, we may get the chance to walk on streets of pure gold! The hunt is on, can we feel the fever?

Dear Lord,

Give us glimpses of Your beauty and glory. Fill us with a burning desire to have more of You in us each day, we pray!



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