The Focus of God´s True Children

Now there are many kinds of faith and many reasons why people claim to believe in God. Religion seems to be turning into little more than a viewpoint with which people engage their lives. We can say we believe in God and dutifully go to church or do all the things Christian life may enfold. But there is a stranger breed of men and women. There exists a small remnant of followers who come to faith in Christ because there is Someone there to encounter. All eternity begins to loom into view for these enlightened ones and it starts to crowd out the clamorous world we live in here. They could have chosen the hustle and bustle here and to chase all the things that our contemporaries will chase. But no, they turn away from the distractions of the earth because Who and What they are discovering each day is much finer and infinitely more thrilling. To see a soul experiencing an eclipse of God where He outshines their lives is the most beautiful sight! There in the presence of the Divine, these precious ones are illuminated by power, purpose, and love! Let us pray that our focus may shift steadily each day from the distractions of our times to being blissfully enveloped in our sweet walk with the Lord!


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