What Hope Can Do

Hope has been downplayed for far too long. Hope does not need the evidence that skeptical hearts require. Hope places sparks deep within our hearts that open the windows of truth to let the Light of the Spirit of God enter in. Once we have these sparks of hope, the Lord can be ours. All that is left for us to do is to follow our hope as faith grows within us. Simply placing our hope in the Holy Spirit, that He will show us the Father and the Son, and the magic begins. Faith will grow when our hope is set in the Divine. A strong desire to know the Lord will follow if we give in to the tiniest pull that hope will stir. Desire will help open our hearts further. God can and will be pleased to show Himself unto us. Then, that same hope will want Him to be ours forever and will keep us pushing near to Him until eternity proves that we are His forever!


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