Set To Come To Christ

Many people struggle with where to turn and who to listen to. Yet this dilemma does not need to be ours. We can go straight to the Source. If we would set our hearts on knowing Christ, on truly getting to know Him. Then we would be heading in the wrong direction by going anywhere else. What the Holy Spirit would teach us in our hearts, cannot be given to us by any other. If we want to know someone, we must go to them and start with the most casual of acquaintances. Our relationship will grow from the humblest of beginnings. And if we are sincere when we get down on our knees and truly want to experience Him, the Savior will reveal Himself to us. Every believer alive should be experiencing a sweet and intimate walk with Christ. It is our downpayment on the eternal future we will have with God. We will surely see His face if we walk daily, talk hourly, and commune constantly with the Savior our Lord!

Dear Jesus,

Take these open hearts and let us walk with You through this life and right into the Father´s arms, we pray! Amen!


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