Not Recognizing Christ

19. You will say then, “Branches were broken off, that I might be grafted in.” 20. True; by their unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by your faith. Don’t be conceited, but fear; 21. for if God didn’t spare the natural branches, neither will he spare you.  Romans 11:19-21 WEB

Some people actually talk like they are glad that the Jews of Jesus´s day did not recognize Christ had come to us from God. They might mean well enough by thinking we should appreciate more the grace that we have found. However, we who say we believe in Christ must know that all of creation is watching and will see what we do with the grace that we have found. If we do not use the grace that we have found to seek a closer walk with God than those before, we do not deserve the Gift. Christ is the Prize. Only those who seek to be right where He is heart and soul are deserving of that Gift. Others before us failed to realize it. Let us not make the same mistake. Let us pray that we understand and work harder than anyone before us to draw closer and stay by our Savior´s side forever!


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