What Following Christ Should Mean

Saying that we follow Christ is not quite yet the crown we wear with pride. First, it must become the very mission of our lives, our day, and every moment in between.

It is a big statement that should mark us forever. When we say we follow Christ it should mean that we have found Him as our Savior and will go right with Him into the Presence of the Father in Heaven. It is a wonderful thing to say and one day it will give us great cause to feel good about ourselves. However, for the statement to work, it must be true. To truly follow Christ we must turn from our earthly lives, seek Him, build an intense relationship with Him, and then step forward in the direction He whispers to us personally. None of it can be done by saying that we do. It must be gained by determination, perseverance, and help directly from our Savor. We can follow Him and it will be the delight of our lives that is reserved for those who love Him enough to truly follow Him! Press on!

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  John 10:27 (WEB)


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