God Hears

Blessed be Yahweh, because he has heard the voice of my petitions. Psalm 28:6

A hurting soul aches. It cries out to God. He hears!

There is an age-old cause and effect that stands the test of time. When people need God and truly turn to Him, He responds. It might not happen in the way that we ask. We could get frustrated if we put a time limit on God. But if we place our concerns in God´s hands, we will one day see God´s movement and His results.

Things don´t work in God´s Kingdom as they do in our world. There are different sets of rules in Heaven. The laws that govern our world look pitiful compared to the power and wisdom that rule where God dwells. We will be amazed if we let the Lord train us up on the wonders of God´s realm. One of the joyful discoveries to make about God is that He hears us.

When a child of God lifts their petition unto Him, God hears. He listens for it. There is nowhere in the universe that He cannot hear us from. We are His. He cared enough about us to invest in us. Our relationship with Him is what He is eternally interested in.

So, give it a try. Spend up our lives cultivating that relationship. We will not be disappointed. When we turn these hearts and voices to God, He will hear! Amazing things will happen because our God hears!

Blessed be Yahweh, because he has heard the voice of my petitions.  Psalm 28:6 (WEB)


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