An orphanage in Bolivia has caught our attention.  It is called El Sauce, and is found in Samaipata, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

There is a great need in Bolivia to take in and care for homeless and abandoned children.  We have had a concern for some time now to take part in some form with aiding needy souls not only in a spiritual sense, but also easing the physical and emotional suffering too.  The awareness of this particular orphanage brought us a significant concern.  The reason for this is that it has been privately built and run.  Such a great undertaking as caring for homeless children must be supported or they will not be able to provide care for these needy children.  El Sauce orphanage has been surviving off of what they can grow or build. We are working along with the founders in an attempt to find ways to assist in the great need of the homeless children in this part of Bolivia.



We thank you for praying with us for the 28 children and 9 adults in the foundation El Sauce. There are more coming almost every week and we thank you for thinking of them also in 2016.

The orphanage´s webpage it can be found at:


or at:



Our prayers go out to those taking in these homeless children and all those everywhere who are doing whatever they can for those in need.

Our goal is o to assist El Sauce Orphanage in Bolivia and to growing their ministry.  They are our primary charity and they are in need of our help.

Click on the link below to find out how you can help!



click here to help_editado-1

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