When Hard Times Come

We have all had tough times to get through where we wonder why this could be happening to us.

Some may turn to the Lord for help or comfort while dealing with these painful times. Others try to cure their pain by reasoning it out somehow with their powers of mental capacity.  But perhaps we could take a more direct path towards healing and sit at Jesus´ feet and open our ears.  If we humble ourselves enough, there is enough light that can be given from above to more than cure our woes.


Paul wrote His testimony to this when in his own agony the Lord told him, ¨my grace is sufficient for thee¨.

Jesus attempted to make something very clear during His ministry and by the example He set, to show us our correct adjustment to the world around us and what the bigger picture was.  There should have been no need for His testimony, as the Old Testament is sufficiently full of this same overall picture.

There is an entity who in His unlimited wisdom, designed and created the universe where we live and everything there in.  He designed it all and everything was perfect.  Then sin came along.  Dark motives and bad things were brought into the picture.  This is not pleasant to consider as we are familiar with the pain associated with evil and the results that stem from it.

But God never lost control.  Things never got out of God´s hands.  Sin and evil are unfortunate, but their power is theirs on loan.  The Devil is allowed to work his devious and painful work only out of the grace of God.

It may be impossible for us now to understand to an adequate degree just how God´s grace is at work in His universe.  However we should be sufficiently informed from the Holy Scriptures that God is good and out of that right-eousness, he allows this evil to exist only at the correct measure.

Jesus gives light to this overall picture when in His trial He states;

¨You would have no authority at all against me unless it had been granted to you from above¨. (John 19:11 Reference Bible)

Bad things happen sometimes and we will all experience very difficult times.  But those who believe in the Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ do not need to feel the despair that others may feel.  God is, and God is good.  His concern has always been for our everlasting wellbeing.

Some pain may serve to see our need for our Savior.  A few tears may serve to soften our hearts.  Some evil could show us the true direction of our souls.

We do not need to understand completely.  We are servants and humble created beings.  What we do need to do is look up and understand the size and importance of the One we call God.  That amazingly wonderful being which inhabits eternity, He has never been limited in thought or action.  He still reigns supreme and all that He does is right.

If God sees fit to allow a little pain to enter your or my life, we should know for sure that God has seen sufficient purpose to give the authority for it to exist.  Always remember that He has not forgotten us but is constant in His love and know the best and most correct path for us.  It remains only for us to realize it and put further trust in Him.

God knows what He is doing.

God does the right thing even when that means to allow a little pain or evil run its course for a time.

Jesus shows us this and is living testimony to His words.  We should be grateful that He is there to help us understand that God sees and knows the right thing for every moment of our lives.

So when bad things happen to you or when you are feeling pain, all we have ever had to do is lift up our hearts even more unto our Lord.  There we find our haven.  Not in a satisfactory philosophy because it is only in our heads.

We find real comfort because when we turn from us, we turn to another being.  He is real and He interacts with us.  We feel His love and we learn from His intelligence.  We grow, but we grow ever closer to Him.  This is life eternal and in this place no evil may harm us.  We may feel the pain and suffer as Jesus did.  But the pain loses its´ sting when it only serves to draw us nearer the apple of our eye and our hearts true desire.

Rejoice then in your sufferings as Paul encourages.  Take heart and let all the hick-ups and all the downfalls drive you harder after your Savior.  If you are driven to your knees, thank the Lord.  That is the best place for any of us to be.  May we all go to our knees today in whatever situation we find ourselves.  Let us come near in heart and spirit and in all honesty whether or not the times are good or bad.

And may the grace of God be with us all.


Scott W

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