Imacculate Conception

It is said that in the end of times false teachings with spread throughout the earth and be so enticing as to appeal even to the elect of God. (See Matthew 24:24)  Whatever view you may hold as to where we are in Gods scale of time, perhaps you may draw some connections between general modern thought and teachings, and Jesus´ warning here.

One such example we may find very early in the book of Matthew.  Here in chapter 1 verses 18 to 25, we read of the Immaculate Conception.  A young woman who had not yet been united with her husband becomes pregnant.  There is a dilemma as to what the engaged man should do and an angel appears in a dream to explain to the man that this miracle is actually the workings of God in Heaven.


Now we have seen in our generation the growth and spread of popularity with the teachings of evolution in our schools and society.  If we are honest perhaps we can admit that it is tolerated to a point that the general attitude of even the church-going Christians have blended it into their overall view of how and why we are here on this planet.  Even the scientists seem to have less contradiction amongst themselves over their assumptions to the happenings so many millenniums ago.

We are at the point now that when we put a Christian to the question of whether or not Jesus was actually born of a virgin, many people will sweat a little in discomfort in being put on the spot.

Now we could get lost in a million different arguments over the facts or guesses each may hold on the given subject, but maybe little could be gained in doing so.  What we should examine though is what our true position is or our true belief is on who and what God is.

Each and every branch and denomination has firm ideas which they have gleamed from the Holy Scriptures and are able to defend them with strong words exactly what those impressions are.  But the problem lies just a little deeper than words.

When we study we use our brains, this is a highly admirable thing and God would not have it otherwise.  We fill our heads with information, and then assimilate this information and from that we draw our conclusions.  This process begins at birth when a baby starts to engage the world around it and doesn´t take long to start finding out what works or not.  From those humble beginnings each one of us strives throughout the rest of his or her life to improve their wisdom.  Some take it far further than others and perhaps some are gifted in special ways such as the great scientists or mathematicians.

There is nothing wrong with high levels of thinking and for sure any gift of thought is a genuine gift from God.  He smiles upon our efforts and accomplishments of cerebral achievement.  But God is Spirit.  God is higher than our mental capabilities.  He is bigger and moves on levels which our brains have not yet been able to capture or measure.  For this reason education and fine thinking leave us all shorthanded when it comes to spiritual matters.

A true Christian on the other hand need not feel shorthanded or outwitted.  He is concerned with a being.  He has put his faith in the One who put our entire universe into motion and existence.  The God He chooses to seek knows without any flaw or speculation all the complexities which baffle the scientist and mathematician.

This kind of Christian holds up to God what he cannot explain and we call that faith.  His God is an immense and all powerful creature and personality.  The thoughts and intentions of this breed of Christian are always lifting up to worship and bow before this Personality which is so far greater than all his or her imaginings. He or she need not understand exactly how or why God does the things He does.  For us it is merely another way to give honor and glory to the One whom we have set our hope and love.

Therefore when someone tries you on a difficult part of scripture, never sweat over the response which you will give.  You believe in One who was able to design and carry the heavy weight of running this complex universe without straining a muscle.  You have your eyes and heart set firmly on something outside of the laws which govern our current environment.  Your God need not bow to anyone´s understanding or limited senses to detect.

You have faith and upon that you will stand.  You were not given a brain to make detached conclusions.  You were given a heart and a soul which you have chosen to lift up again to the One who formed you and redeemed you.

Your God is bigger than you or anyone else will ever be able to explain.  So when you cannot see nor share just what happened when a virgin gave birth to a child, you do not have to.  The matter lies with one so much bigger.  He knows just what had to take place.  He put us all here and that in itself is a miracle.

Let us lift up our minds to the Lord today along with our hearts.  Offer whatever we can in an offering of worship towards our maker and set no limits to what He has done or will ever do.  He is God and we do well in lifting Him higher.  So let us lift Him higher than we can describe and higher than those who would make you feel small in your attempt to understand His mysteries.

To God be the glory, Forever.


Scott W

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