To Be Spoken to in Dreams

And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.  Matthew 2:12 (American Standard Bible)

How completely wonderful it must be to be spoken to by the Divine in any form which He chooses to touch us personally.  If God were to speak to you in some special way, imagine how your heart would respond.  Like receiving a phone call unexpectedly from some very important person in your life, your heart may skip inside.  But far more moving it should be when you realize that the Almighty has reached through the mystical barriers which separate our world from His, and directly communicates His message to you.


When we read the story of the three wise men, we can almost sense what they must have been feeling.  They were avid researchers of the heavenly bodies and had already had the great reward of witnessing one of the greatest phenomena in history.  This alone would thrill most anyone, to actually see with our own eyes something we have studied and wondered over for so long.

So moved were these three knowledgeable men, that they had made a considerable journey. They wanted to see with their own eyes this child of which the legends and the stars had spoken of.

In verses 9 and 10 we see and can imagine the excitement of the three men as the star continued to direct them and finally stops over where the child is.  Now I don´t know about you but when I am making a journey to visit someone or some place special, I still get a little anxious as the moment of arrival draws near.  But on top of that sensation, these men were witnessing an incredible, moving phenomena which they had only until that time read of or heard stories of.

It says in verse 10 that when they realized it had stopped and was signaling that this was the place, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. (King James Version)  Wow!  To rejoice is already good, but to have exceeding joy is even more, and exceeding great joy, now this is a lot.

We read the story of these men and are touched by what wonderful experience they had.  Perhaps we can even feel blessed in the reading of it.  But the part that catches my attention today is not what they had witnessed and experienced up to that point.  Not even what reverence and awe they must have felt, kneeling before the Baby King of which legend spoke and heavenly bodies had guided that night.

The wonder that comes to mind is after they had experienced so much and been blessed with so many fine rewards to fill their hearts and give them hours of thought to ponder, they then were spoken to in dreams.

God directed Himself and communicated to these humble adorers of Christ in a very real and direct manner.  Even if it dealt with the mystical world of dreams, it was evident that they should not return to King Herod.

Now I do not know if you have ever been spoken to in a dream.  I am sure many good Christians will and do go through their entire lives and never have that kind of experience.  It is not the kind of thing we can attain out of extreme desire.  Even if we so want to have that kind of dream, it is out of our hands and in the hands of the One who inhabits eternity.  But to be touched in this way has to be one of the most humbling and beautiful experiences a human being can have.

The story of these men so long ago ends here where they heed God´s warning and leave for their homes by another route.  However it can be imagined that as they traveled perhaps in fear of being discovered, they had a lot of time to ponder over the wonders which they had witness.

Not only had the small company been rewarded by seeing and following that marvelous sign in the sky, but they were had the great pleasure of witnessing the child King that even the heavens bowed to bring glory and honor.  And to top everything off, they were directed personally by God, setting His seal of approval upon the events and wonders that they had experience on that incredible journey.

We may not have long hours or days to ponder over these wonders, but when we read the story, I hope and pray that the same sense of excitement and awe may fill us in some way as it did to those men.  Beautiful things and for beautiful purposes they are indeed.  What glory and what testament they give towards the One that we choose to look towards and to love.

May we all feel that kind of joy and that kind of wonder today.

Happy ponderings,

In Christ

Scott W

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