The Spirit of God Came Down

After being baptized Jesus immediately came up from the water; and, look! The heavens were opened up, and he saw descending like a dove God´s spirit coming upon him.  Matthew 3:16 (Reference Bible)


Again we step on the unstable ground of a theme widely disputed.  The interpretations between the various churches as to whom, and what the Holy Spirit is, may have great differences of opinion.

Not wishing to offend anyone but rather to lift up the Divine in the hearts and minds of all, we will attempt to consider here and draw near to God´s wishes for us.

If you have opened yourself to the belief that the Holy Scriptures are indeed the expressed wishes of God towards his people and are therefore meant for our instruction, you should admit that the words printed there are for a reason.  Therefore when we study our Bibles and find so much written about the Spirit of God, then we should take note and admit that there is something of value to be learned.

Now we have heard many opinions as to what that mysterious Spirit is.  Some claim that it is no more than a good feeling which comes over us and makes us feel extremely content or convinced about Biblical truths.  Others hold that it is in fact an entire separate entity or person.  Perhaps there are many who would prefer not to stand the scrutiny of their peers and refuse to comment for fear of abuse or being accused of error.

But as we find it written in our Bibles and as Christ spoke openly about it, we know it does hold importance.  Any attribute or anything that has to do with our Savior, we should make every effort available to bring ourselves into His intended direction for us.  So we study and examine even these areas which are wrapped in a cloud of unknowing.

In our fallen state here it is obvious that we have lost some or most of our capabilities to see into the mists that surround the spiritual world.  We who have placed our faith in God admit at least in words, that it does in fact exist.  But our powers to perceive and detect through our limited 5 senses, leaves us short of seeing with complete clarity.

For the time being God will not hold us accountable for not seeing what we have no power of our own to see.  But He has asked us to have faith and take His word for things.  Therefore when we say we believe He is God we do so without seeing Him in His entirety, but rather lift our understandings further than our current perceptions.  We do not see God now as He is no matter how hard we try.  We hope and pray for that day that when we will.

So now if our minds are not able to neither capture nor encompass all that is our Almighty Creator, and our hearts are not able to contain this mystical wonder, we do not turn away or reject Him for our limitations.  Perhaps it is greatly pleasing to the Lord that we try within our limitations to lift Him up further and pay Him respect and honor by bowing before even though we do not see.

Then when we read the story of Jesus´ baptism, we do not need to have been present to receive a blessing from what happened that day.  We cannot see God yet, and haven’t the powers to detect and understand the deepest mysteries of spirit.  But something wonderful happened or there would have been no need to write about it for our instruction.  Instead we lift up where our powers fail us and look away towards Him.  This is faith.  This is where believing men and women show just how much of their professed faith is real.  Neither you nor I were there that day, so we cannot say it was this or that.  But we do have a heart and a soul and we can do what we choose with it.

Let us pray each one of us, that we have truly chosen to have faith in Jesus and His Father who sent Him.  Let us make all effort and pay any price to make Him bigger than our understanding permits us.  May we join in with the heavenly beings that shout and sing His praises day and night.

Then when we direct our thoughts and hopes towards that great, Spirit of God, let us do it in awe and reverence.  Let us wish for fuller understanding no matter how much we have learned before.  May we cultivate a burning desire and pray for divine fanning of that flame which burns for receiving all that we can from above.

God is God and man is man.  Let us yearn to have whatever part with Him that He would have for us today, and may we revel in the thought of an eternity of discoveries of the wonders of our God.


Scott W

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