Are We the Brood of Vipers?

But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing he said to them, ¨You brood of vipers….!¨ Matthew 3:7 New International Version

Probably one of the greatest tools we can possess if we are serious about pursuing Christ is an attitude which allows us to learn.


We all hold strongly to our beliefs which we have developed over time. Be it through study, instruction or perhaps through tears and hard knocks.  Nobody would choose to have those beliefs challenged or rejected by others.  But could it be that we waste too much time centering our attention on what other people think.

There are those who have come to religion for more than a game to play at, or a social club to participate in.  Those of this kind will find a need deep within, to adjust ourselves to our God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  If we are sincere enough to go this far with our faith, we begin to realize that there is much that we lack and only One source where we can find it.

These chosen few who have decided to step out of the acceptable norm and head down this narrow road which leads closer to Christ, will need to learn to use any tool available.  This special attitude which allows us to learn from everything we find on Christ is essential.  But help on where to find it and how to use it, is close at hand.

First a humble and honest look at ourselves and our need for Christ is a must.  If you hold a high estimation of yourself, you can forget getting far along the road to finding Him.  Next you will need to go to your knees, because the One we seek is alive and about. He is waiting to be in contact with you and for you to turn to contact with Him.

You need to have it clear that while you may strive hard for the rest of your earthly life to search and seek, you will be constantly finding as well.  You are entering a relationship, no single encounter or realization takes away the desire and need to press on towards greater encounters.  But instead, you will feed daily off of those precious findings and the blessed closeness which you do achieve.

Matthew 3 tells the account of John the Baptist.  He was baptizing people who wanted to come closer to God.  Then the Pharisees started coming to see what all the fuss was about.  John saw them and the same Spirit which moved him to speak and to baptize, showed him the false state of their hearts.  People like this are extremely religious but are nowhere close to realizing their need for a Christ or their need to draw nearer to God.

In the day of John the Baptist and of Jesus Christ´s life here on earth, these people were called that Pharisees.  But today, who are they?

When we spoke of using every tool available to us towards correction and closeness with Christ, we mentioned an attitude of learning.  If we would fine tune this tool so that it may help and heal you and me today, then perhaps it would work wonders in our lives.

Therefore, when we read any instruction from the Holy Scriptures, it is possible and good that we receive some benefit ourselves even today.  If we are sincere, we may try to apply each and every warning in such a way as to build us up and guard us against deception from our enemy.  It may be that we are free from guilt on a given point, but having the nature of confession and repentance, we can bring our personal case before our Judge while there still remains time for healing.

So when we hear of wayward people in the scriptures or any other source, it may be greatly beneficial to each of us to take the matter straight before the Lord.  Present yourself as if guilty and seek His reassurance that His blood has covered all our sins.  If we are free from guilt, He will provide the necessary consolation and if not, we will be saved from perilous deception.

The Devil is clever and extremely good at his work and our hearts have always been subject to deviation from God´s will and turning to our own ways and the ways of the world.  Knowing this should help us take greater care when dealing in spiritual matters.

These spiritual matters, which we so easily brush aside today, in the end hold all the weight of eternity upon their shoulders.  Every care should be given to assure ourselves that we are free from any blame.

This means that when we read of others who were too sure of their own condition of soul, perhaps a little fear should enter our hearts.  At least enough that we bring ourselves to our Maker and Savior to hear His verdict.

Let us pray today, that we find ourselves close enough to Jesus in all actuality, that we can hear His voice reassure us of our true commitment to Him.  In this way we save ourselves from forming part of that group that John the Baptist called a brood of vipers.

All for Him,


Scott W.


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