They Laughed at Jesus

Jesus said: ¨Leave this place, for the little girl did not die but is sleeping.¨ at this they began to laugh at him scornfully.  Matthew 9:24 (New World Translation)


Do you think that Jesus Christ came to the earth to help those people whose lives He touched back then in Palestine?

Or are you of the ones who believe that He came setting example and saying things to a few but really instructing men and women of all points in time and place?

If you are of the latter group, you have opened yourself to the possibility that He may instruct you and me today even though His words were spoken so long ago.  If we honestly hold the scriptures to be true and that there does in fact exist a great spiritual world where God reigns supreme, this is just one natural part of that system.  In the spiritual realm, one word or one act can have an infinite number of beneficial ways to work honor for our Lord.

Jesus heals a person one day from sickness or death, and that person is blessed greatly.  This brings honor and glory to the name of Jesus.  Another person of a different age hears about this act of kindness and believes and rejoices in the love and power of the Lord.  This person too is greatly blessed as a result of Jesus´ first act.  Magically the work is not finished as it continues to bless and heal other people too.  The result is men and women turning to draw close to this wonder which is our God.

This is the great cycle and proper course for all divine work.  Everything begins in God the creator, it plays out in our known universe in its intended way the in the end it returns again to lift higher still the name of the one who created and sustained it.

We are included in this cycle and can play our proper intended role if we choose.  We too can bring pleasure and honor to our Lord if we do as He says we should.  He asks us to look away from ourselves and our puny lives and direct our entire selves towards Him.  He is asking much, but don´t you think He is entitled to it?  After all, He made you and me and we continue living and breathing as long as He permits it and holds off disease and death.

In Matthew 9 chapters 18 through 26 we find the stories of Jesus doing just this sort of universally important work, where He heals or brings to life, but the act was also done for our benefit too.  After amazingly healing a woman who had suffered long and painfully with her illness, Jesus shows up at the funeral service of the little girl.

He tells the people there to stop the ceremony and that there was no need to continue morning.  But the people begin to laugh and scorn Him.

Now if we believe like we said, that His actions of those days could be just as important instruction for our spiritual health today, we need to clean our ears and listen carefully to all that we can from Him.  He shows us that even though those people had seen the dead body of the girl, with Him things were not as they may look.  Instead, things are as Jesus says they are.

Jesus walks in and takes the girl by the hand and instantly she is alive and healthy again.  How can that instruct, or bless you and me?  Jesus´ ministry was that we believe in HIM.  When He says something, than it is so.  It is whatever He wants it to be, and He wants us to be with Him.  Always looking to Him, always in awe and giving Him the love and honor due to Him.

But what has this story to do with us?

Whenever we are not looking to Jesus, whenever we take things for ourselves, whenever we look to our own interpretations of the situation, we are laughing at Him.

God is bigger.  He is forever working on His levels and for His intentions.  Never should we limit Him by focusing upon our puny existence here.  We do this when we worry about the small things in life.  He asks us to look away from all this and to Him.  He does not want us to see a dead body, but look at a wonderful Jesus who has no limitations.

Focusing on Jesus, looking to Him in all things clears our vision.  We begin to see that all things are actually spiritual and nothing is or ever has been detached from their spiritual origins.  He asks for faith not sight.  We bring glory and honor to Him when we do just that.  We believe in Him and look to Him no matter what we see in this world.

So when you see some terrible or painful sight today, do not take it for what it is.  Look away to the person of Christ.  Focus your whole being on One who is bigger than this reality.  He is and always has been doing marvelous work.  In the end, things will always be just as He wants it.  Therefore we should concern ourselves not with those things but rather our closeness and clear vision of Him.

To Him, for Him and with Him be all things for now and forever more.


Scott W

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