According to Your Faith

Then He touched their eyes, saying: ¨According to Your Faith let it happen to you.¨  Matthew 9:29 (Reference Bible)


Probably the greatest failure we Christians commit each day is cutting short or making small our Savior and our God.

Matthew 9 verses 27-34 we find a couple short accounts of people being healed by their simple faith in Jesus´ ability to change their situation.  When we consider these stories we may be greatly comforted and praise the Lord for His abilities and power.  But how many times do we actually compare our faith to that of those simple ailing people?

As modern-day Christians we claim Jesus as the very Son of God.  We give Him a high place of honor by our flattery and perhaps attempt to do so also with our conduct as professed Christians.  But do we actually imitate these former believers in the way we give Jesus the credit for His abilities.

Jesus sent away the miraculously healed blind men by saying that it would be done for them according to their faith.  They experienced the awesome power of God in their lives because they actually knew that Jesus was right there and was completely capable of changing their known reality with the slightest word, thought or action.  This is faith.

We on the other hand, say with our lips and even maybe feel in our hearts that Jesus is capable.  But the thought is a distant detached thing as we are not really expecting our realities to be changed.  We see the complications and implications of altering all our known experience of how and why things work as they do.  We have studied physics and science from a very young age.  We have engaged this world we live in and know by experience just how things are supposed to go.

But the faith Christianity, the Bible and our Lord points to goes contrary to all that we have learned about our planet and the laws that govern it.  Faith grants that although these laws are necessary, our Lord is above them and can work outside of those laws as He sees fit.  It goes past our understanding of and our experience with this universe, but that is where faith begins.

Faith lifts up our hearts towards God where our senses and intelligence cannot go.  We give our Lord His due honor when we say, ¨Here I cannot see how or why, but with Him, all things are possible.¨

We look away from our surroundings and our common way of viewing things and focus our sight on One completely above anything we have ever known.  Our eyes and our hearts fall on One who controls and changes all things as He wants and sees fit.  He moves for His purposes and although we do not know those purposes, we want nothing more than to be near that unfathomable greatness.

This kind of faith pleases the Lord.  He can do ANYTHING, and for a servant with this kind of faith, He is pleased to show His incredible healing powers.  We too can be receivers of healing from our lack of faith.  When we begin to give God His due and actually believe that He is here and now.  When we know in our hearts and are accustomed to looking to and hearing the voice of Jesus every moment of the day, wonderful things begin to happen all around.  We begin to see with our own eyes all the power Jesus really has to alter this universe or the laws that govern it.  Our faith finally begins to give Jesus His due credit for His power and authority.

Then, we start to imitate those simple people who had the faith it took for Jesus to heal them.  Unbelievable great things are there to be experienced by you and I today, it only remains for us to start having the kind of faith in the Jesus who lives and reigns at the right hand of God right now.

So the next time you are tempted not to come to the Lord expecting to see His mighty arm working in the world around you, resist that temptation and give Him the benefit of the doubt.  Say to yourself that you don´t do not know how or why, nor which direction the Lord will move in now.  But lift up to Him in faith where your powers of reason fail, and say simply, ¨You can do ANYTHING You want, just let me be a witness to that power and might.

Don´t you think your God would be pleased to do mighty things in your sight today, if we would just look with that kind of faith.  Possibly even much healing would come to us too, if we knew that Jesus was right here, right now and He had all the power of heaven and His Father to back Him up?

If we prayed that our eyes were opened only a little to the size and greatness of the power of Jesus, don´t you think that even the things we asked for would be magically converted to God-oriented and not self-oriented pleas?   Don´t you think that this would make our Lord happy to work in and around us today and we would experience first-hand that mighty power?

Let us therefore be found on our knees in front of our Savior, and may it glorify Him when we realize the power He possesses right now.


Scott W

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