Sent Out As Sheep to the Wolves

Have you ever been faced with a difficult situation and could not see just how to get out of it?


¨Look!  I am sending you forth as sheep amidst wolves…¨   Matthew 10:16 (Reference Bible)

Yet again we come to the scriptures in the light that the instruction we find there in not made good for us merely in seeing how Jesus dealt with people in another time, but truly useful to us as if He had said it directly for you and I today.

Thinking and acting such withholds none of the power and authority from our Lord but rather lifts Him up to honor and glorify Him.  It places no restrictions upon Him and throws us at His feet with a need for Him greater than life.

In this light, Matthew 10 verses 16 through 20 gives special insight into just how we will be able to confront people and difficult situations that arise in the Christian´s life here in this fallen world we inhabit.

That these difficult situations will arise, we have already been advised.  The Christian steps forward to receive this kind of treatment knowing full well that it is the natural reaction the people will take to one so bold as to step out of line with the world and fall into the footsteps of Jesus.

In faith these renegades to society finds the necessary strength to stand out in the crowd, not because Jesus has promised to make our earthly life easier, but because we see our own need to approach and seek the Lord.  We set our hopes on eternal things and beings and cease to concern ourselves so much on the temporary trials of our day.

This is just what the Holy Spirit would like to help us understand from this text.  We can draw nearer to the heart of our Savior Jesus Christ today because He is showing us here where our strength comes from and how to confront the dangers that threaten us.

As a Christian, you will be placed on the spot.  You will be made to suffer and face the accusations of unbelieving men and women.  (verses 17-18)

However, Jesus says in verse 19, so not become worry about what to say or how to say it.  ¨For it will be given to you in that hour.¨

Now we can take the literal road and say that Jesus was talking about a day when people would be taken captive and brought before judge and jury.  For sure there have been times and will be times where this happens.  But don´t take away the instruction this may hold for you and I today.

When we face a trial today, how are we to handle it?  Where will we find the right words to respond to those who stand in opposition to us or pose us a threat?

If you are worried about these things you are looking at yourself.  Your fears demonstrate that your concerns lie with self.  Whenever we are self-regarding, we are not God-regarding.


Yes, there is a deep truth found in those words Jesus uses when He asks us to look away to Him.  This is where all the power of heaven is activated and released into our lives.  Take yourself out of the picture and Jesus comes into focus.

This is not the popular view of today nor of the religions which I have had experienced.  But this is the beating heart of the Bible.  Jesus died trying to show us this simple truth and He lived a perfect example here among us.

Put the eyes of your heart and soul on the Lord despite what your earthly eyes see and suddenly spiritual things begin taking form.  Go to your knees and to the Bible and turn you back on all the things that your noisy ¨SELF¨ calls for, and you begin to draw near to Jesus.

When you are looking past self and directly at Him, His power is enabled to work for His purposes because your purposes are being left aside.  Don´t forget that He loves us and has our ultimate health and safety in mind.  If we are to suffer or even to die, this is only a temporary situation and doesn´t affect us much as we are all the while wrapped up in Him!

So then, stand up in the face of adversity.  Be bold against your accusers.  You have nothing to worry about and do not even have to think about how to respond.  Just focus all your intentions, all your thoughts and all your adorations upon your Savior.  It will be all taken care of for you because you remove the earthy ¨SELF¨ from the equation   and stand out on faith.

Nothing comes from us as we direct all towards Him.  We include our attention, our love, our devotion, our interests and our very health and safety when we look away to Him in each and every moment.  Faith grows as self is left behind.  We see our need for Him for sustenance and Him for our reward.

Don´t you think that all of heaven jumps up to assist and protect, to direct and guide this kind of simple faith and single-minded following of our Lord?

Then let us be bold and say to the world, throw us your best shot because I´m not looking at you anyway.  Just let us all turn and look at that unspeakably great and beautiful sight, which is our Savior Jesus Christ and leave the rest up to Him, no matter how difficult or dire the situation.

And may His words and His strength take over for His purposes in that and every moment of our lives.


Scott W

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