Jesus Gave Authority

Jesus took aside His disciples and instructed them to go out into the community.  But before He sent them He gave them authority in areas where we humans normally cannot go.  He gave His messengers power over disease and dark spirits. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Let´s take a moment to consider what Jesus asked them to say and do because we hold that instructions spoken for our Lord can be and are also pertinent to you and me even though He had directed those words toward another person.

Read Matthew 10:1-10

First Jesus sent His disciples out to the body of believers.  He did not send them out into the world which did not bow to God.  Our obligation is great and there is a need for the flock of God´s children to be instructed towards a healthy faith.

Next He told them what to say, that the whole heavenly realm was very near to us right now.  He wanted to plant an expectation, an interest and a personal quality to our religion.  The door was open for man and His God to be in a very close and real relationship.

Then Jesus goes on to give instructions on what to do and what to take.  He instructed them not to take with them things that they might need.  It was an important lesson for them and for us, that all things in life are supplied by Him alone.  We and the messengers who bring the good news of Jesus to the world cannot think for one instant that the things we have to give or share come from us, but rather from the supplier of all things.

Let us keep it ever in mind that we see not even half of the picture in any given moment.  Until Christ returns and restores all things and makes all things new in His future kingdom, we are not yet permitted to see clearly all the wonders of the spiritual realm.  As our souls find healing by directing them sincerely to the Lord, the Holy Spirit increases our awareness of the spiritual, but full sight will only come on that glorious day when our Savior returns.

God continues each and every day to work out His great plan of salvation for our race of fallen human beings.  His incredibly wonderful creation awaits this restoration but our God is not sitting there with His hands crossed.  Jesus works at the right hand of His Father and their attention is directed towards us.  They still love us with the same love that moved them to send Jesus amongst us to die for our sins.  The Holy trinity will not rest until all of their lost little sheep are brought safely home.

What this means for you and I is that all life´s little hiccups have already been planned for.  With divine care, our Lord has already seen whatever may trouble or threaten us and knows what is the best and the most correct way to take care of us.  We can rest assured that even though we may feel some pain sometimes, the Lord knows what He is doing and is working another one of His great miracles to bring glory and honor to God.  We are sharing in His sufferings in some way and can play a part in His great plan.  But whatever is happening, we are safe and our outcome is good and sure.

But the remarkable thought in these verses is the power and authority which Jesus gave to normal people.

Jesus asked His disciples to go out healing, throwing out demons and resuscitating dead people.  Who is doing this today?

Now we may not win any friends in talking this way, but if Jesus wanted some to do this kind of thing, don´t you think we should make an attempt to apply it to ourselves.  Falling short of achieving this is what we already have.  But wouldn´t you think it would please the Lord if we were to use any power available to us to try to make it happen?

The Lord has told us that alone we are nothing and can do nothing.  But in the same breath He says that all things are possible for us.  How does that work?  Well, the point is and always has been ¨HIM.¨

We are not here for ourselves.  We are here for Him, to bring Him glory and honor.  When we do just that then it is greatly pleasing to Him, which was His reason for creating us in the first place.  But to do this, one must turn from him or herself.  We completely forget our own needs, desires and objectives and step out humbly and sincerely to please and glorify Him.

Anything we do or ask when so purely devoted to Him is sure to be blessed by the power of the Lord.  But on the flip side, anything that still has our own self dictating our objectives, pleasures or desires, is sure to be tainted with deceptions and fall short of honoring God.  Therefore even if that wish is granted, it will only serve to honor self and not God in the end.

With this in mind, the sincere man will follow on harder after his Savior.  We could and should all want with all our might, to be made so refined in heart and soul so as to receive such favor in the eyes of the Lord.  He is the Giver, and He will be the receiver of all the credit.  He loves us more than we could possibly know and is the author of the faith we have yet attained.  Let us ask Him for more today.

Wouldn´t it be nice to hear more about people around us today being healed by the power of the Lord?  Wouldn´t you like to witness the casting out of demons?  Don´t you think that it would make quite a stir if the word were to spread that in the name of Jesus someone who had passed away was brought back to life?

Only the Lord knows what He is planning for this age, but shouldn´t we be acting as if His words were directly speaking to you and I today?  Let us renew our prayers and come together at His feet.  Perhaps it will please Him and He will see fit to grant the kind of anointing that He gave to His disciples long ago.

May the power and authority of Jesus be preached again to the lost sheep of His house.

Please Lord; move us of Your flock to return to You in prayer.  Let us find strength to pray for power and authority from above to work wonders for Your name.  Be glorified in our humble sincerity and search our hearts to show us how to devote every last thing unto You.  In all things increase our love and need and devotion to You.

And to God be the glory, today and forevermore.


Scott W

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