Where Do We Get All This?

And after coming into his home territory he began to teach them in their synagogue, so that they were astounded and said: ¨Where did this man get this wisdom and these powerful works?¨  Matthew 13:54 (Reference Bible)


Jesus went home to where the people knew Him.  When they heard Him and saw Him perform miraculous things their reaction was not positive.  They saw a man.  They saw a person whom they had known and were familiar with and His family too.  As a result His ministry there had little success.

Now if we believe that Jesus was able to perform miracles because God the Father was giving His consent and transferring that power to Jesus to perform these miracles, than it was actually God working His powerful will out into His creation.  The hand of God was at work.  God the Father was actually moving in each of the miracles and words Jesus was giving to the people.

It is beautiful to consider the Father and the Son working together in such harmony.  But the people of His hometown lost the opportunity to receive great blessings by failing to see this.  Perhaps this may be where we too may have chance to slip.

So many times we all look at the people or what is going on in our familiar world.  We get caught up in the actions or words and may be unknowingly following the example of the people of Jesus´ hometown.  We fail to see where things are coming from, and more importantly, what they are directed towards.

We need to remember that what is going on in an eternal and universal scale, things are not centered on you and me.  God is and should always be the center.  We are forever trying to put ourselves where only God should be.  We make everything to relate to us.  We place ourselves as the judge of everything.  And to top it all off, we often try to turn all things around so that they are directed to us and serve to benefit us.

We forget to see that the Hand of God is at work.  Instead of recognizing where the power is coming from or where the thought or action is directed to, we jump in and rob God of that seat of honor.  We get distracted by the person or the work and completely miss the fact that God is instructing and moving and drawing all mankind unto Him.  And He does this for His own pleasure and glory.

Dear Jesus, forgive us for constantly looking at the external or worldly ways.  Give us we pray a heart after Your things and Your ways.  Let us place You where You belong, at the very center and focal point of everything.  Never let us lose the blessing of hearing a word from You or witnessing Your power because we were not looking for Your hand at work.  Please do not let it be said of us: And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.¨ (verse 58, KJV)


Scott W


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